Wineries in Douro valley

Throughout Portugal, there are wineries that grow vines, known as Quintas. Large wine houses, such as Taylor, Fonseca, Cálem, have their own quintas. In addition, they can buy other grapes from their certified suppliers. Some trading companies that specialize in the sale of port in bulk do not have their own wineries, but buy either grapes from smaller winemakers or ready-made wines from wine cooperatives.

Beautiful Quinta de Vargellas with its railway station

Many of the famous quintas were built more than 250 years ago. The houses in the wineries can be compared to the French castles of Bordeaux as a source of first-class wines and places where hosts from the producers and merchants of Port can welcome their guests when visiting the Douro Valley. Many wineries have extremely historically and architecturally interesting buildings.

The main house in the winery is usually directly connected to the vineyard itself. There is also accommodation for collectors who work here during the vintage. Quinta de Vargellas even has a train station.

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