Ruby Reserve Port and Tawny Reserve Port

Ruby Reserve

It is significantly fuller than standard Ruby Port. It is a way to Vintage wines, but at a much lower price. Until 2002, it could be referred to as „Vintage Character“, which, however, was misleading due to the original „Vintage“ and IVDP banned this name.

Port wines of the Reserva type are very popular for their favorable price-performance ratio.

Tawny Reserve

Tawny Reserve port wines are mixtures of port wines (so-called blends) specially stored for this purpose. They mature 4 -7 years in wooden barrels. They are very popular for their ratio of experience and price.

They do not improve after bottling. The color is bright reddish brown, the taste changes from slightly fruity to undertones of dried fruits. Ideal as a digestive after a meal to increase the level of enzymes in the stomach.

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