Birth of Vintage Port

The end of the 18th century meant further development for Port wine, especially in the design of glass bottles. It was another shift in the perception of Port consumers as a first-class wine.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the bottles were made bulbous, with a wide bottom and a short neck. It was possible to erect them upright, but they did not allow a supine position. Their main task was to safely transfer the wine to the guests from the barrel to the table and refill them. The bottle often bore the initials or coat of arms of its owner.

Historical bottles for Port wine

Over the next decades, hand in hand with the development of glass technology, the shape of the bottle gradually became slimmer and longer, with a longer, less conical neck. Smaller series of bottles with an original shape could also have been created.

Bottles with vintage port stored in the archive (credit:

This bottle-shaped shift led to the creation of „Vintage Port“, a vintage wine that could be further archived. According to some historians, the first Port vintage was made in 1775. Classic vintage matures in cellars for several decades, where they gradually acquire their elegance and harmony.

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