Ruby and Tawny

Ruby Port wine

Ruby is a style of Port wine, intended for drinking when young and fresh. It is stored in several thousand-liter tanks made of concrete or stainless steel, where the wine is not in contact with the air and thus its oxidation does not occur.

In this way, it retains its ruby color and fruity taste of young wine. It is made by blending wines of various vintages, mostly three-year-olds.

We serve Ruby Port wines at a temperature of 15 – 18 °C in tulip-shaped glasses.

Tawny Port wine

They are rich and fine wines that mature for about 3 years in oak barrels. By aging in wood, oxidation takes place and the wines thus acquire a golden brown color. They are served as dessert wines, after opening the bottle it is good to consume them within 2 months. Each of the manufacturers prepares different Tawnies corresponding to the habits of their customers.

Tawny port wine is best served at a temperature of 13 – 16 °C, i. e. slightly colder than Ruby Port wine. At higher temperatures, alcohol tends to predominate in Tawny’s taste, which is not desirable.

The taste experience will enhance you with Stilton or cheddar cheeses, you can also try a nut cake or dried fruit. For more tips on pairing Tawny Port wine, check out from prominent food writer Fiona Becket.

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