Single Quinta Vintage Port

If you are asking about the most interesting type of port wine at the moment, you will certainly come across the designation „Single Quinta Vintage“. They are more affordable for consumers and yet high quality. If you want to enjoy the Vintage port style, but not pay expensive money for it, you will probably reach for a bottle of Single Quinta Vintage.

It is produced in the same way as the classic Vintage, i. e. in the first phase it matures for 2 – 3 years in barrels, then it is bottled without filtering.

Its hallmark is the fact that the grapes used for its production are exclusively from one vineyard.

Its are an available variant of the Vintage style even for smaller producers who don’t have more vineyards available for the possible creation of a classic Vintage. Also, their declaration takes place mostly in the years when the classic Vintage is not announced.

Although the type of Port Single Quinta Vintage is not considered as valuable as Vintage Classic, there are significant exceptions.

Taylor’s brand with its Quinta do Vesuvio and Quinta de Vargellas, Graham’s and Quinta dos Malvedos produce Single Quinta Vintage port wines only in their prime and are historically on the same level as the classic Vintage composed of several vineyards.

Also known is the Single Quinta Vintage Guinmaraens from Fonseca Winery.

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Experts and consumers believe that Single Quinta Vintage port wines are ready for consumption long before the classic Vingate – after only 10-20 years of aging in the bottle.

Did you know that:

Quinta do Noval produces the famous Single Quinta Vintage with the subtitle „Nacional“? Why this name?

In the 19th century, the Douro Valley, as well as other wine-growing areas in Europe, was affected by an epidemic of rhubarb. This small aphid was brought here from America and its action on the roots of the plant caused the death of the vine heads, which caused the extinction of a large area of ​​vineyards. It was not until several decades later that oenologists solved this problem by grafting the original local varieties onto American rootstocks, which were resistant to phylloxera.

An exception, however, is a small vineyard in Quinta do Noval, where, despite the great disaster, vine plants with the original Portuguese rootstocks remained.

Hence the designation „Nacional“ – national. If declared that year, it is produced only in a very limited quantity of 200 – 250 barrels of pipas. It is therefore very valued and expensive, for example, you can buy the 1955 vintage for around 7 500 USD.
Pairing with delicacies

The combination of Single Quinta Vintage with matured blue cheese such as Stilton is the main combination of this wine and food. The fine butter structure and spiciness of the cheese perfectly harmonize with the majestic taste of Port wine.

It is definitely great with other cheeses such as Cashel Blue, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Saint Agur Blue.

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