View into the future

In recent years, Port consumption has expanded further in Europe and beyond, a direction that will continue into this millennium. Although the UK continues to be a consumer of quality Port wines, the focus of the trade is shifting towards North America and Canada as key customers. We must also not forget the emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

Port is a great wine with an extraordinary tradition and rich history, which attracts new generations and can adapt to their pleasure. The interest in the culture of good food and drink, which has spread all over the world, perfectly complements port wine with its variety of styles and tastes.

Port wine is becoming increasingly popular

Consumers around the world are increasingly interested in this style and are therefore likely to be attracted to wines such as Port, which represent real quality and tradition and can tell fascinating stories. The uniqueness of port allows him to differentiate himself in the world of wine, which is now complicated, but where real choice and diversity are sometimes lacking.

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